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myka Cellars

“To make a beautiful wine one has to be part of each step and understand the place and the people where the wine comes from. You have to be in the vineyard and work side by side with the crews.”  Mica believes that to truly be the winemaker, and leave your mark on the wine, “You must be one of the people moving the barrels, touching the wine physically and feeling its maturation with all your senses. To craft a truly great wine in our age, one must take advantage of the contemporary technologies and combine them with traditional know-how.”     
To achieve this, Myka Cellars was relocated to the promising region of El Dorado County. Mica believes that this beautiful growing region is one of the most under-appreciated AVAs in the country.  While possessing the unique ability to grow almost any grape varietal, the diverse nature of this growing region has simply flown under the radar of most viticulturists and winemakers for quite some time. Since this move in early 2016, Mica has won more awards for his wines than any other winemaker in El Dorado County.